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Zbugs.comLetting you optimize your website as if you were an expert is the prerogative here. Zbugs is a web-based tool that can make any website faster by merging, minifying and GZip-compressing all the CSS and Javascript files that go with it.

All that is needed for this to be done to do is input the URL of the site in question for the files to be merged. Alternatively, you can take the long way around and upload the actual files yourself. Or enter the URL of each individual files to be processed. The results will be the same in every case, though, and the speed at which you will get everything merged and fused is certainly something to write home about.

And Zbugs can also give you a CDN link to the files you compress, so that putting them to their intended use could hardly be any easier. The site is absolutely free to join and use, too. In Their Own Words

Speed up your website in a single click.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a time and cost-effective way to get your website optimized.

Some Questions About

How widely-used can this become?

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