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Zattoo.comIf you aren’t happy with the current quality and selection of TV available on the internet then check out the site that promises to bring a better selection and real TV-like quality. If you reside outside of Western Europe then you will have to wait a bit longer as Zatoo is not currently available world-wide although they do appear to be aggressively expanding.

So if you want to be able to take your TV with you wherever you go, Zatoo will allow you to do so wherever there is an internet section. They currently only have a listing of free channels leading one to believe that they will be offering premium events at a cost but the basic list of channels is free to watch and legal. In Their Own Words

“Our revolutionary technology provides the true TV-quality video delivery and smoothness everyone’s been waiting for. Get all the news, the sporting events, your favorite junky soaps. and switching channels is as easy as hitting the ‘channel up’, ‘channel down’ buttons on your remote. We’re adding new channels everyday, and soon we’ll be worldwide, giving you more channels than you ever got on your TV.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cable companies around the world are sweating these days because they know that the future of television distribution is the internet. Zattoo will need to expand its channel line up and availability and it could become a major player if it is able to.

Some Questions About

There is no shortage of both legal and illegal ways of watching TV on the internet. Will Zattoo be able to gain a critical mass before the bigger players get their act together? There might not be space for startups in such an important industry that will probably become dominated by the networks and cable companies.

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