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Zaloot.comWe can define Zaloot as a marketplace for odd jobs. On this site, those who need jobs of such nature done can enlist the help of people in their local areas, and have them dealt with both quickly and cost-efficiently. The way Zaloot works, people post their needs for a bidding process to start. Only those who are registered users of the site can actually bid on what is posted, and all of the users of the site have a rating. This (along with the comments that users have received from these jobs they have already finished) makes for knowing who the most trusted members of Zaloot are at a glance.

Personally, I must say that I really like the way in which the whole marketplace is structured. The fact of having people bid for the jobs that are posted (instead of requesting a fixed sum of money) simply gives everything more elasticity, and it ends up benefiting both sides. People who need any odd job done will get it dealt with by paying exactly the amount they can afford, and those who have a lot of time on their hands will be able to earn some money by charging the kind of prices they know others won’t be able to offset that easily. In Their Own Words

Your place to post, search and bid on odd jobs in your area.

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In which cities is this site more popular? What are the kinds of jobs people have been posting more recurrently?

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