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Yugma.comIn case you are looking for disability rehabilitation services in Georgia, the official website of Georgia Rehabilitation Services might be worthy of a try. Through you can learn all about their vocational rehabilitation program and their independent living programs, too.

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“Yugma offers universal, cross-platform application sharing with complete security protection making efficient, collaborative online meetings more possible than ever before.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Easy access, for one; Yugma allows businesses to collaborate with partners around the globe, without worrying about leaking company secrets. And as it is both Windows and Mac compatible, with Linux coming soon, technological concerns are minimal.

Some Questions About

Currently, Yugma offers it services gratis, allowing others to capitalize on the business. With no advertising on the site, and little publicity how exactly are they going to garner paying users?

Yugma”s own CEO responded: “Yugma will be launching a unique and integrated marketing program throughout 2007. Our marketing initiatives will promote the product and drive awareness. Programs will include web ads, media outreach, Education Program, user brandable widget buttons, tradeshows, business partner/affiliate programs, “Tell a Friend” monthly sweepstakes, and a broad array of digital marketing initiatives.”

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