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Today’s Killer Startup: DrumUp


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Elevator Pitch:

DrumUp is your “virtual social media assistant,” pulling up relevant and shareable stories for you to share on your social media streams.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Between my own website, KillerStartups, and the other blogs I write for, I spend a lot of time on building up social media presences. I’m constantly reading and sharing content online, but sometimes I just don’t have time to wade through the hundreds of great articles that are being put out there every day in search of stuff to share. That’s a problem, of course, because a healthy social media account is one that’s constantly sharing, updating, and joining the conversation.


DrumUp is a great solution for people like me – and you, startup founder – as you try to figure out how to milk as much as you can out of every second of every day. The (free) service asks to connect to your Twitter or Facebook account and then has you put in some keywords around the topics you’d like to share. It then pulls up a bunch of articles that are relevant to you and your audience and lets you decide when and if you want to share them.


When I set up DrumUp for my personal Twitter account, it offered me both articles that were related to issues I was already following and ones that I hadn’t started following yet, but knew I should be, i.e. the Ellen Pao trial. In fact, I found that DrumUp had an awesome dual purpose: it not only found articles for me to share but also some great ones for me to read and my Pocket is now full of stuff for later.


DrumUp also lets you decide what you want to do with each suggested post: schedule, delete, or edit it. If you choose “edit,” you can add your commentary to the tweet, making it a little more personal. But if you just don’t have time today? Don’t worry – it can be sent out as is.



Spending too much time searching for great, shareable content? @drumupio has what you need. #socialmedia #marketing


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