How to submit? – Like YouTube But For Music

YouMicro.comA YouTube for music. That is the perfect way to define this site.

Essentially, those who become users can upload audio files of their own for promotional purposes, and those who visit the site can have ready access to these. And in the same way that YouTube users can create playlists in order to aggregate related files together, users of YouMicro can create lists that gather songs which are meant to go hand in hand.

The site, then, stands as a true sound community where people from all over the globe are brought together by a common denominator: discovering new music that is shared by the ones who created it, in the way that they want to share it and put it across. Besides, the means are provided for site users to arrange and promote events through YouMicro.

It must also be said that the site takes into account not only musicians and music lovers but actually every single person who is fond of sound and audio files on the whole. “Audio files on the whole” include sound effects and humorous content such as jokes.

As a result, we could say that those looking for an outlet for their talent will have more angles than one covered here. In Their Own Words

“YouMicro is your sound community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very supple way of getting any sound-related message across.

Some Questions About

What about the copyright of the files that are uploaded? How is that taken care of?

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