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yAMLabs.comyAM Labs is a company that focuses on meetings – how they are arranged, why they work or not, and in which ways can they can become something more purposeful for all the people who are involved in them. The company’s site offers businessmen and entrepreneurs a true platform for the interexchange of ideas and insight as far as these topics (and more) are concerned.

And the site also has a knowledgebase that gathers together the conclusions that the company has arrived at ever since its creation as regards what makes a meeting fruitful, both in theory and in practice.

Additionally, yAM Labs is developing an application that goes by the name of mCloud, and that is meant to be available at no cost. This application aims to provide full support for all the activities that are related to a meeting’s cycle – its inception, its development and its closure. mCloud is still being developed at the time of writing this, but you can still download the most recent version of this application on the site. Just don’t expect it to run flawlessly. In Their Own Words

“Since we are fans of efficacy, we, at yaM Labs, are here to provide you with an online platform to exchange your real-life experience of why meetings go wrong, how to avoid wasting time while arranging, executing and closing meetings, and what exactly can help make meetings become efficient. Being software geeks (in a good way), we are currently working on a web application that delivers full-cycle support for meeting management activities – from meeting conception to meeting closure. mCloud (as we affectionately call this application), while being useful, will be free for its users. We hope that one day you’ll enjoy mCloud to the fullest extent, we’ll keep you updated on this project status.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a resource makes for more purposeful meetings in every context that you could think of.

Some Questions About

When will mCloud be finally completed?

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