How to submit? – Weather Updates to Your Cell Phone

WXSYS.comWXSYS is an on-demand system for your cell phone that provides all the weather information that you may need. Through this system, important weather info for people “on the move” is sent via the user’s mobile cell.

There are currently three versions available for the BlackBerry and iPhone. Users are free to try all three and decide which version is best for them. They can either choose MyWX, which provides current weather conditions by zip and locale,, which provides information about flying conditions and airports, or, which provides essential weather updates on the coast and water. In Their Own Words

“WXSYS On Demand provides essential weather information for pilots, boaters and people on the move. WXSYS On Demand is available for most major mobile platforms including BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobil.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simple and straight-forward, the WXSYS system provides crucial weather information to people who need it most. Pilots and boaters in particular will find this tool useful. The additional options, such as downloading the system to the desktop, give users several different options.

Some Questions About

What additional features, like automatic updates to users, could enhance the site even more? What other groups would be interested in a weather information service specific to their vocation? What other personal handheld systems could be linked to WXSYS?

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