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It is like Myspace, but it doesn’t count with all the adds. Yuku is profiles, image sharing, blogs and discussion boards all in one place.`s account has up to five different profiles, because you don’t always want to use the same profile, but you only want one account only. This website is aimed to help people like you connect and communicate online as easily and safely as possible. Users are able to find communities by category, such as, Automotive, Computing & Internet, Entertainment, Music and Gaming among others. In addition, you don’t need to download anything to use Yuku. All you need is an account, your profile, and your favorite internet browser. More over, at users are enabling to post audio, videos from sources like YouTube, and pictures for everyone to see. Last but not least, is a completely free online service. Sign up to create your account, build a profile, or start a message board all for free.

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