How to submit? – Domain Monetization

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www.Trafficz.comWant to maximize the revenue of your domains? Then check out this site. Trafficz.

com offers different services for domain holders, expired domain speculators, registrars, and web hosts. They have developed a hybrid parking program which combines the PPC method of monetization with the CPM method to guarantee that no-matter-what volume, type, origin or nature of traffic you receive, you will be earning. Their parking service includes management tools, real time reporting, custom text and template choices for all your landing pages, among others. If you are a domain reseller, they assure you that they won’t take a percentage, charge a fee, or otherwise interfere in any way with your domain sales. To become a member you need to have a minimum of 100 domains, but if you don’t meet that minimum but have premium domains or expired high traffic domains, they will take that into consideration. The payment options they offer are company checks or PayPal. Just sign in and an account representative will contact you.

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