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www.RottenTomatoes.comLooking for a great movie for Halloween? Want to find out where you can buy that movie that you love? Tired of watching movies that you thought were great? Then check out

The site allows you to save precious time when choosing a movie, since it provides great reviews on all the movies that are coming out every day. You can go to the Tomato Picker and check out some movies that they recommend, also look for any movie using the search box, or narrow your search by genre, tomatometer, average rating, minimum reviews, MPAA rating, or era & decade. Also look for Certified Fresh movies, and filter them by release date, tomatometer, title, release format, or number of reviews. If you love renting DVDs, check out the new releases and top rentals, all the movies are ranked if they are fresh or rotten and they even include the price of the movie. RottenTomatoes also provides a game section allowing fans to check out the latest games on the market, the best part is that the games are ranked as well. You can also find celebrities, and see the top rankings of stars, directors, screenwriters, celebrity forums, and the poster gallery. Find all the critics of a star or of a movie. If you really want to save time, then check out a special feature that gives you a comparison of DVD & VHS, movie posters, DVD players, soundtracks, and video game prices.

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