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www.MeeMix.comMeeMix is an online radio that is all about you. Here what you are going to hear is everything that suits your likes, your taste and your favorite things.

Meemix aims to make it easier for you to find the music that you like and want to listen to. They bring you the music you like, without making you labor for it. And that is why basically you get your own personal music station. In order to get you started first choose your favorite song or artist. Shortly after Meemix will generate a playlist based on your choice and that’s it you can start enjoying your music. Also, you can interact with other Meemix members, sharing your music and making new friends. The best part is that Meemix is free and most important they do actually pay royalties for all the songs they play. So if you want to become your own DJ and have your radio station you should check out

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