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Well Played, Wordplays

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We go online to find solutions – ways to chat with our friends and associates, tools to help us manage projects or enjoy ourselves, platforms for finding goods and services… Beneath all of these good reasons to use the Internet lies one common solution: the right words. And no one offers the right words more perfectly or has as much fun doing so as




Wordplays is a website chock-full of word games and tools for solving word puzzles. However you prefer your lexical fix, you’re likely to find it here. Play free games, print free games, or look up words in a dictionary (if you like old-school solutions, and it seems fair to use this term given the context). If you need a quick scramble or descramble or letters, there’s a handy Anagrammer box for that as well.


Let No Word Go Unturned

For over a decade Wordplays has delivered language entertainment and assistance, and the site has recently added new gems to the collection. Scrabble Word Finder helps players find words alphabetically, by length, or by points on mobile phones and tablets as well as desktops. Both Words with Friends Cheat and Scrabble Cheat also take advantage of the latest technology to account for the entire boards in play. This means that players can not only plot their next moves, but also track the action of opponents. Scrabble players can factor in remaining tiles yet to be picked up, and find words to match their racked letters that compliment words on the board.


game board


3 Down. The Mount Everest of Puzzles

The New York Times. Sunday. Crossword puzzle. Breathe. Wordplays now offers a Crossword Solver tool to help you survive in the thin, vernacular air. Type in clues to find loads of potential matches. Nail down the right answers to several prominent crossword puzzles, including The NY Times, USA Today, and the LA Times.


A Scrabble Helper makes words with the letters in your Scrabble hand and provides definitions. In addition to the many puzzle-solving tools, there are several video tutorials. Learn how to play and master word games. Like the best athletes watching tape of their competition, go into battle prepared for your opponents, visualizing success.




Of course, the heart of the fun is the word games themselves. Play four different variations of Boggle online, including a quick version and a challenging Wild Card Boggle. Test your letter dexterity by playing Text Twist or Word Sudoku.


Here’s a list of the games found at Wordplays:

  • Word Sudoku
  • Boggle
  • Text Twist
  • Words in a Word
  • Anagrammer
  • Daily Cryptogram
  • Polygon
  • Word Morph
  • Cryptogram Solver
  • Crossword Challenge
  • Pig Latin
  • Quick Boggle


Boost your vocabulary, improve your word game playing skills, or use the Challenge feature to invite your friends to play word games. World powers, shmurld powers – word power rules!


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