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Wishlr.comWishlr is a new solution that will empower any internaut to keep track of these things that he or she wishes for, and share that very same information with family and friends. This is achieved by an easy-to-use web application that makes for creating multiple lists and editing them without even needing to reload the page that they are hosted in.

Moreover, the site has a quite prominent social aspect attached to it, as you can not only share your lists via Twitter and Facebook, but you can add items in the lists of other users to your own lists. This is carried out in a concise way, too – all that needs to be done is clicking and sharing on the relevant entry, and you are ready to go.

This service is completely free, too. All that you have to do in order to start wishing until you run out of breath is create an account. So, if you feel like answering the question that is posted online of “What do you wish for?”, the site will provide you with the wherewithal to do exactly so. In Their Own Words

“WishL’r is an easy to use web application that will help you find, organize and keep track of the things you want. It also lets you share them with friends and family. What’s on your wishlist?”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Getting yourself self-organized and keeping everything in track is easily-done through such a solution.

Some Questions About

How is the posting of multiple lists carried out?

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