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Winthrop.eduAre you planning to begin studying at a university but you still have not decided witch one? Well why don´t you take a look at Winthrop Rock Hill at South Carolina. Winthrop has changed a lot since moving to it´s permanent Rock Hill home in 1895, growing from a single classroom to a comprehensive learning university of distinction.

Winthrop has a long history of teacher training and a proud tradition of serving South Carolina and it´s citizens. They also have their baseball team: the Winthrop Eagles, who are heading to NCAA Tournaments for the eighth time in ten years. So if your are interested take a moment to visit today and you´ll find out about all the learning opportunities this long respected university has to offer you and your friends. So come on, don´t wait to the end of the summer to start looking and check the site now, so you can become one of the people.

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