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Winito.comAn application that is aimed at athletes, Winito will let them track their whole activity over as long a period as they want. They can use Winito to look after their overall fitness during six months, they can use it to track the way their training for a marathon is evolving… it is all made instantly possible. And Winito is also open to groups – any team can keep a good watch on the way that it is performing over time, in an equally easy way. And media can be shared, too. Teams can build up the direct equivalent to a scrapbook in which all their memories are consigned, including photos and videos.

Winito can likewise take care of displaying rankings and tournament-related information for all to see. Any person who visits the site will be able to know all there is to know about upcoming events and matches.

All in all, quite a practical tool both for those who play any sport, and for the ones who support that person or team. Winito can bring the two of them closer, and keep them posted on all upcoming activity in a limitless setting. In Their Own Words

Official place to manage your athletic life.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes the consignment and tracking of sports-related information incredibly easier.

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What information must you provide to create an account?

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