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WineChatr.comWineChatr is an online community for both wine drinkers and for the companies that make and distribute wine. The site is part social network—allowing users to create a profile and connect with others, and part wine rating site.

Anyone can review and rate their wine and anyone else can add their rating to the review, allowing an accurate rating to emerge over time. Wine drinkers can access the entire contents of the site for free while businesses looking to promote their brand can do so for $10 per month. Included in the $10 charge is the ability to build an online subscriber base and reach out to them throw email blasts and notifications. Wine drinkers are also able to tag their favorite wines and build their own online cellar. In Their Own Words

“ is bringing both sides of the wine community together, wine drinkers and wine businesses, in order to create the ultimate online resource for everything wine related.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Wine is big business nowadays and it is currently enjoying a spike in interest. WineChatr provides a site for wine lovers to share their knowledge and find new wines while allowing business to promote their brands.

Some Questions About

Currently, the wine reviews are not organized by the rating they have received making it very difficult to separate good from bad. Have they considered changing this so that wines rise and fall on the list based on the reviews they have received?

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