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WhoseView.comWhose View is a new social review website that enables consumers to give their impression on local services ranging far and wide – from restaurants, cafes and bars to beauty salons, hairdressers to all points in between like car dealers and even butchers. That is, businesses of every denomination within any given city.

As well as featuring reviews which are submitted by real people, the site gathers together offers in order not to just let people know where the best deals are, but actually making it possible for them to benefit from those.

The first area that is being covered is that of Dublin – the database already spans over 38,000 businesses in said location. The goal of this startup is eventually moving to Galway and Cork in the coming months, before launching into the UK in early 2010.

Nowadays, consumers trust recommendations by other customer more than any other medium. That is one of the characteristics of the social web, and one of the most prominent developments it has brought along. Whose View’s ultimate aim is to help people make better-informed decisions through trusted connections. In addition to that, it aims to stands as a platform that facilitates conversations between consumers and brands, so that the services which are rendered are more satisfying for all concerned parties. In Their Own Words

“Whose View is about sharing your experiences within your trusted network of friends in a very fun, entertaining environment.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People always trust the opinion of others who are in their same position. The approach is very good, too – starting with an individual city and then expanding itself.

Some Questions About

Will other European territories be eventually covered as well?

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