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Wherevent.comWhat good are these invitations to parties taking place half the world away that one frequently receives through Facebook? That is what the folks behind this startup must probably have thought first of all when they sat together. And that led to the creation of Wherevent, a site in which you can find events to attend right where you live, or in the area you happen to be located.

Using it is really as simple as the concept warrants. You log in via Facebook, and then you proceed to find matching events based on your actual location. In each and every case, you will be informed about the people who are attending that event. You will get the overall number of male and female attendees.

And mobile apps are slated to be released very soon, to let people find what to do right as they are out and about. iPhones are going to be supported first, and Android phones will follow suit before too long. In Their Own Words

Upcoming events in your area.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a really practical way to find things to do when you are completely at a loss.

Some Questions About

In which ways can you filter the events that are found for you, exactly?

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