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WetterWolke.comThere’s hundreds (probably thousands) of people who take to Twitter to talk about the weather. It would be great if all that they’re saying could be used in a positive way, and let people who are thinking about visiting these places know what the weather’s like there in advance, and from a source they can trust. Well, that’s what this new site is all about. WetterWolke is a German startup that brings together all the tweets that are weather-related, and it lets you access them using an interactive map.

This map is actually the first thing you see when you land on the site, and sunny/cloudly/rainy icons are used to give you a quick idea of what the weather’s like all over the world. And by clicking on these icons, you’ll read all the tweets that go with that place.

WetterWolke is a simple site, but it does the job it has set out to do really well. If you’re planning to head somewhere for the weekend or if you’ve got friends traveling abroad and you want to know the kind of weather they’re having without even asking them, then this site will do perfectly.

WetterWolke.com In Their Own Words

The weather on the Internet.

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