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Weopia.comWeopia is nothing short of an interesting concept. Basically, the site stands as a virtual dating world in which you can go out with people that you have met through any online dating service.

All you have to do is pick an avatar and get to know each other better in a 3D environment. No need to fill up the car beforehand, making reservations or buying tickets in advance. These are the good bits. I am sure you can imagine what the negative bits are, can’t you?

The arrival of something like this was only a matter of time. I think that services such as Twitter (which are completely immersive) did pave the way for it, and that people are more open minded when it comes to taking certain interactions online.

In the end, a service like this one will let you take any chat session to another level and (hopefully) let you find a more compatible partner. It will give you a better chance to know the person who lies behind the profile for sure, and that will be satisfactory and useful enough to get started. As Granma used to say, take it one step at a time. In Their Own Words

“Weopia is the world’s first 3D virtual world dating service, wholly devoted to bridging the gap between traditional online dating and the time-consuming and intimidating first offline date. Virtucom Inc. began development of Weopia in Spring 2008 with a team from Canada, US, Germany, India, China and South Africa.

Weopia’s purpose is to help the millions of singles and online daters to find love faster. By allowing daters to meet in virtual worlds and to experience each other beyond mere text chat, their collective risk is reduced and their likelihood of success is increased. Weopia daters are able to develop a deeper understanding of their dating prospect’s compatibility without leaving their home. Weopia works with any dating site and allows users to screen more potential mates in less time while protecting anonymity and providing another step towards ensuring a safe real life date.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are terrified about face to face rejections could use such a system to boost up their confidence.

Some Questions About

Will people really take to something like this en masse?

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