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With Weebly, There’s No Excuse For Ugly Websites


Today’s Killer Startup: Weebly




Elevator Pitch:

Weebly is “the easiest way to make a website.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

As someone who spends more time than what is probably healthy looking and thinking about websites, I can tell you definitively that a lot of sites are just, well, really damn ugly. And hard to navigate. And make me want to bleed out of my eyes. And while I do want to cry on the regular while surfing the web, I can’t really blame you too much, ugly website owners, because I know firsthand just how hard it can be to create a beautiful website.


Which is why I’m so grateful for Weebly. Weebly helps people who aren’t designers create beautiful websites, blogs, and online stores. Since the site’s launch out of Y Combinator in 2007, they’ve gained more than 30 million users worldwide and currently power more than 2% of websites online — so clearly they’re nailing this whole “helping people make awesome websites” thing.


They’ve also just launched a really massive update, including something they’re calling Weebly Carbon, which lets users create, drag and drop edit, and manage their websites from any device. They also have a new App Center, more responsive themes, and a fabulous newly designed editor.


While all of that would be more than enough to qualify Weebly as a Killer Startup, here’s the icing on the cake: it’s also totally affordable. Weebly offers a free version, which not only gives you everything you need to build a high-quality site but also lets you host it for free. If you need a little more umph behind your site, they also offer a Starter, Pro, and Business package. The Business comes in at $25 per month and includes one year of a free domain for your fully integrated ecommerce site. That — $25 per month — is their most expensive option. Soooo… You can totally afford it.


So, guys? No more excuses for ugly websites. Head over to Weebly and get started building a site that won’t make this website reviewer’s eyes bleed.



Your #startup website is ugly. Head over to @weebly and build something beautiful.


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