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Webunal.comBringing justice to social networking is what this new service is all about. People can resort to Webunal in order to let others vote on who is wrong and who is right when it comes to any altercation involving the two of them.

People who use this site just explain what has happened, and the other person involved in the situation gets a chance to make his own, full discharge. Others can then proceed to opine on what has been set down by casting a vote of support until the time runs out and the case is finally closed.

The site can be used absolutely at no cost. Complaints can be filed for nothing, and they can also be reviewed by others for free. And past cases (IE, the ones that have already been solved) can be instantly reviewed. This gives the edge and added sense of flexibility, as anyone who thinks he has gotten a raw deal can go and look for precedents. In Their Own Words

Webunal is an online court where you can settle disputes between friends, family or even some odd internet stranger.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a truly democratic way to settle disputes online, and keep friendships from turning sour.

Some Questions About

Does anybody oversee the activity that takes place on the site?

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