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WebRanker.infoWhether you want to learn more about any site whose success you want to emulate or whether you just want to know how your own site is perceived by others, this is where you can find all that information.

Web Ranker lets you input the URL of any site that you want to have analyzed, and it can retrieve information such as its actual traffic, its number of incoming links, these sites that it can be compared to… In short: all the kind of information any webmaster who wants to have a harder-hitting site needs in order to spice things up.

Additionally, Web Ranker lets you browse sites by topic. In practice, this means that if you want to find nothing but sites within a specific niche (either because you want to move in there, or because you want to see which new competitors you have) then you will be able to do that more than easily. In Their Own Words

WebRanker will help you to find out more info about any site that you are interested, or about any keyword or phrase and sites that are conected by those words or phrases.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it makes it very easy to realize the way sites with more traffic than yours go about business.

Some Questions About

What further search options and filters are meant to be added next?

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