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Webon.comLycos, you may recall, use to be one of the main search engines before Google eclipsed it and nearly every other engine on the web. Now, the company is trying to get back into the game with a new versatile blogging platform cum website creation tool called Webon.

Webon has been designed for users concerned with usability. The service is gives users leeway—it’s not too specialized; in fact users can upload and store photos, blog, create their own websites, and the list goes on. To this end, they’ve got a slate of kits these include, the Personal Site kit for blogging and sharing photos; the Basic kit; the Travelogue kit; and Wedding kit. Each comes with easy to use templates and customization options. Content can be edited in real time directly from the page itself. No registration is required to start a site. Webon is free, but there is a premium option available as well for only $9 a month. Support for OpenID is integrated. In Their Own Words

“Smart website publishing for free. Make the site you’ve always wanted now; instantly build, publish and share. Create interactive, stylish and ad-free pages with Webon’s powerful site creation platform.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Webon does have a large audience out there that could use its tools. People who are looking for something easy to use, yet customizable, will like Webon’s flexibility and ease of use. Its drag and drop interface makes for a clean way to create a multimedia site. The options are varied enough that users will find what they need.

Some Questions About

Will Webon provide examples of widgets for media so that users with little knowledge of html can follow? Will the $9 a month premium plan deter users?

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