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Webklipper.comWebklipper is a new online tool that lets users add highlights and comments to any page that they either like or dislike. That is, imagine that you come across a page which has some content that you want to share with others either because you find it illuminating or because you find it ludicrous.

By merely visiting Webklipper and entering the URL the page will be opened with a menu bar for you to add highlights and comments to it. A unique URL will be generated once you are done, and you can proceed to share it with whomever you want. They will be able to see the page with your highlights and comments, and make a contribution of their own in due time.

Furthermore, browser plugins are available for you to be capable of adding comments to any page without having to go to the Webkilpper website time and again.

Additionally, a service like Webklipper can be used to create a brand new page. That is, suppose you wanted to post anything online such as a snippet of source code you have written, a review of a movie you have penned or even a silly joke you have dreamed up. Webklipper lets you do it in an easy way, as you get a unique URL in which the page is hosted and the content highlighted the exact way you want it. In Their Own Words

“Highlight and comment on webpages, get a unique URL, share with friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for annotating the web in a very snappy way.

Some Questions About

Which browsers are supported?

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