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WebDigr.comThere is really no shortage of resources for analyzing websites and the way they stand in relation to each other on the surface of the Internet – which one has a better pagerank, which is more popular, which generates the biggest revenue… WebDigr is a collector and analyzer of such data.

By providing the URL of the site that you are interested in, a full set of statistics will be produced for you to go through.

This includes information that is always accurate like the site’s Pagerank, its Alexa Rank and its IP along with data that is mostly calculated like its daily income. You also get to learn a site’s approximate value – again, the figure that is produced is not something to go blindly by. Take it as a point of reference and nothing else.

I must admit that I have seen faster sites around, and that I found the fact of having to prove that you are human by making a small arithmetic operation a little irksome. And the resulting data is not an improvement over the data produced by similar sites. I think that there are more effective resources doing what this one does. Still, give it a visit and see if you take a liking to it or if you feel the way I do. In Their Own Words

“WebDigr provides free information to webmasters about their websites and competitors’. It collects website information and statistics, analyze them and translates into several simple and measurable metrics. WebDigr uses more than 10 different sources for its website data input. The numbers you see on WebDigr are estimate results and based on both widely accepted calculation methods and WebDigr own unique calculation methodology.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site can be used at no cost, and it is quite comprehensive.

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How could this site rise over its competitors?

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