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Zaadz.comZaadz is the social network dream for hippies, or really anyone who´s interested in living a healthy life style, being conscious about their surroundings, learning and growing, and trying to change the World. Each profile has the basic social networking tools, as well as a place to list your goals, your ideas, the books you are reading, want to read or have read, your favorite quotes, as well as your heroes and teachers.


They also have a tab called the “Nursery” that is devoted to testing out their new features, allowing users to give them a test-drive and give feedback, while also allowing them to stay up-to-date on all the new stuff going on the site. In Their Own Words

“Our Name. We”ll start with the name. zaad. It”s Dutch for “seed.” Amazing how much potential is in a tiny seed, eh? We think so, too. That power reminds us of the amazing potential within each of us. We thought the idea of creating a company that inspires and empowers you to bring your “seed” to actualization would be pretty powerful. So, we created “Zaadz.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

They just got funding from the CEO of Whole Foods, which will allow them to continue adding features to their site. They have a well thought out business plan that includes huge goals for the future. There is a high demand for this kind of thing because being health and environmentally conscious are “in” right now, and a lot of people are interested.

Some Questions About

Will the amount of content available become a bit overwhelming? What´s their marketing plan to get the word out?


Author : Charly Zaks

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