WYGU.com – Get The Job Of Your Dreams

WYGU.comSocial sites have certainly made for the demystification of many things. Now, it is possible to know exactly what it is like to work at any company that you might be interested in. You will be able to get the insight of people who are working (or have worked) there, and to hear both sides of the story. You even get to listen to what people who have more than a good couple of axes to grind have to say. And it is all worthwhile in the end. You are getting the complete picture.

And while there is no dearth of social sites for people looking for employment, a new one never goes amiss. Specially when they are as comprehensive as this one.

WYGU is a true career guidance website. Anybody can sign up for free and get the advice and mentoring that they might need. Here, people are enabled to share their experiences and develop new contacts as they go along.

The idea, then, is to let everybody have not only a better understanding of what to expect form this or that company, but also know how to approach it effectively in order to land a job there. So, if you have always wanted to work anywhere but never knew how to put yourself across then this is the one site that you must visit now.

WYGU.com In Their Own Words

WYGU is a social careers guidance, development and mentoring platform that helps you find your perfect career, or help others develop theirs.

Why WYGU.com It Might Be A Killer

It will be the perfect resource for those who have always wanted to work at a certain company but could never muster the courage to approach it.

Some Questions About WYGU.com

Has the site also got input from employers? WYGU.com