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WotWentWrong.comWhen a relationship ends, many questions may arise. You’ll feel uncertain about what reasons drove things to that point and it may be rather burdensome to call back your ex to find out. But yet, unanswered questions can be quite a heavy burden to bear. Wotwentwrong.com is a website which helps you to find out what happened in your past relationships by asking your ex couple for feedback.

Websites offering contents about past relationships seem to be growing. Some time ago, we reviewed one called DirtyBubble here at Killerstartups.com, where people could write about a person they had dated in the past so that new couples could know them better. Wotwentwrong instead, gives each person the chance to ask feedback directly to his or her ex, and no one else can read it.

Also, Wotwentwrong is more aimed at dating experiences, it seems. If you broke up with a close boyfriend or girlfriend, chances are that you’ll know what happened. However, if that’s not the case, Wotwentwrong.com can be a handy resource.

It is very easy to use the website. You have to sign up and choose among many templates available to proactively ask for feedback from the other person. Although you can send the request by SMS, the site suggests that you do it via e-mail or Facebook mail because the person will find it easier to write on a screen. You are prompted to write polite messages to encourage the best feedback possible. This will help you to get the insight you need into past mistakes and have a better dating future.

WotWentWrong.com In Their Own Words

We help people to find out why their relationship ended.

Some Questions About WotWentWrong.com

How are they so sure that only soft comments will be exchanged between exes? WotWentWrong.com