Wordify.me – Describe People In Three Words

Wordify.meWordify is a service based on an interesting premise: letting you have a unique URL in which people can say just what they want about you. Yet, these comments are going to be limited to only three words. Your friends will be provided the option to post their thoughts using their full names, and they will also be allowed to speak their minds anonymously in the event they are the shy kind (or they are going to give you a tremendous stick – both scenarios are perfectly possible).

And in addition to speaking their three words out, users of the site are enabled to post an image or two (and even a video) when defining their friends. That kind of deviates from the original purpose of the site if you ask me, but it makes for having a much funnier time for everybody

There is no need for me to tell you this is a service which can be used for free, and that the URLs it generates can be shared as openly as its users want to.

Wordify.me In Their Own Words

Tune in.

The world is talking about you.

Why Wordify.me It Might Be A Killer

It turns saying what you think about people into something that truly resembles a game.

Some Questions About Wordify.me

Will people take to this? Wordify.me