Wonderpage.com – Save Links & Share Them

Wonderpage.comWhat would you do when Delicious is gone for good? Will you moan for the best part of two weeks, or will you simply soldier on and go looking for alternatives? You know, the second option is more logical (and purposeful) any way you look at it. And I am sure that in your pursuit for an alternative service you are going to come across Wonderpage sooner or later. It is as a social bookmarking tool that lets users save their favorite sites and have them all categorized in an entirely coherent way.

That is, you (as the user) are enabled to break everything down in as many categories as you want, and keep the links as public or private as you might want.

And the really interesting bit is that you are allowed to follow (and be followed) by other users of Wonderpage. This means that if you find someone with identical tastes (a search tool is provided) you will be able to start keeping an eye on all he saves and shares. In this way, making worthwhile discoveries will become faster and easier at the same time.

Wonderpage.com In Their Own Words

Visual & social bookmarking tool.

Why Wonderpage.com It Might Be A Killer

Because it turns the discovery of content that could appeal to you into a wholly logical task – it is all a question of following the right people.

Some Questions About Wonderpage.com

What else can this site be used for? Wonderpage.com