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Wolpy.comCurrently in alpha mode, Wolpy is an online application that allows you to mark where you have been on a Google powered world map, comment on the places and share with your friends. You can also see where your friends have been, allowing you to gain insight when you plan your next trip and also to keep track of where your friends are.


Wolpy is completely free to use and all you have to do to start tracking the places you and your friends have been to is to go through the quick and easy registration process. You can upload a photo into your profile and Wolpi will display this photo along with your name and the number of places you’ve visited to other users. In Their Own Words

“Wolpy is a free web service that lets you track yours and your friends’ travels. It is currently an alpha version but we are working hard to add new features every day.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ability to easily plot places you’ve been on a familiar Google map and also to comment on the places could make this a popular site for travelers around the world.

Some Questions About

Will they be developing further enhancements that will allow users to upload photos of the places they’ve visited? Also, could Wolpy improve its chances for success by including ways for users to recommend hotels and restaurants that they went to on their trip?


Author : Caroline Bright

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