Whistlestop.com – Who Will Win The Election

Whistlestop.comDid you know that approximately half of all Americans choose which presidential candidate to support based on what they can see and read online? In a certain way, that was to be expected. Ever since the last elections, candidates have got wise to the game, and realized how much of an influence tweets and Facebook updates can have on people. And this new site reminds us of that like little else. Whistlestop is a political technology startup that aggregates data from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and then uses that information to figure out who has got a better chance to win the next elections.

On this site, each candidate has got his own page. There, you can see exactly how many people follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and how many views his YouTube channel has got. The candidate is then scored based on that, and on other criteria such as how much money he has managed to raise.

It’s all very interesting, and you are actually encouraged to participate and do your best to get new supporters for your candidate. The site uses a rewards system that gives you badges you can proudly wear on your profile, and the more friends you manage to recruit then the more prestigious you’ll become.

Whistlestop.com In Their Own Words

We make it easy and fun for you to track how your candidates are performing and to mobilize your friends to support candidates using social media. And we make sure the candidates can recognize and reward your activism.

Some Questions About Whistlestop.com

Will this platform ever support local politics? Whistlestop.com