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WebpageLottery.comThe imagination of some people has no boundaries. Webpage Lottery can be defined as an online game that will let you win more traffic for your site.


How? Easy: you can participate in a lottery that will have the site of the winner displayed on the main page for all to see and visit.

The winning site is picked absolutely at random, and the lottery draw itself takes place every night at 12:00 AM.

You don’t have to pay anything in order to play this lottery. You are, however, requested to visit the wining site for that particular day.

Obviously, you can only submit one URL per day, and note that no pornography or defamatory sites are allowed. No affiliate links are accepted either.

My feelings on this website are a bit mixed, but if pressed I would have to be positive. Sure, this is not going to revolutionize anything on a grand scale. But it is quite a novel idea, and that is always easy to like. In Their Own Words

“Play lottery and win traffic to promote your website.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a novel approach to getting more traffic for your site. If it could get a minimum number of users then the results should be quite interesting.

Some Questions About

How many people should take to this site for it to become something truly fruitful?


Author : Roger Hollings

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