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Vua.laVuala is a site that hopes to revitalize the concept of online dating by letting people do more than just chat. I mean, that has grown a bit stale. It works, it lets you get to know each other better and take the first step towards eventually meeting offline. But doing things in a different way certainly would do no harm. So, on Vuala people can get to know each other by playing interactive games that give away significant aspects of their personalities.

The idea here, then, is giving people a chance to show who they are instead of talking about it.

In any case, the site has a built-in chat application that will let you talk with each other whenever you wish.

Vuala is a site that can be used at no cost. And another commendable feature is that it can be used without having to register first. So, if you feel like making a new connection or two simply head to the site, specify your gender and how old you are and let the interaction begin. In Their Own Words

Vuala is a new dating site and is the place where you can always find a new friend. You can chat, drawing, play games and more. It is without registration and completely free.

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you feel the concept of chatting with people online has grown too tried and tested and you want something different, then this site is for you.

Some Questions About

How many games are included?