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For making free calls with VOIP software or making calls to landline phones at really low rates, Voipclub.biz is a good option to consider. The software has been thought to include almost everyone of the most popular operating systems, something that can not be said of other VOIP operators which also offer a good service. Sometimes they are designed only for Windows, and if you use Linux, you must look around for another software which can work with the original service.

Voipclub has versions for Mac, Windows and Linux which can be downloaded directly from their site. Also, they have a version for Android devices and for iPhone or iPad, giving you the mobile advantage that is hard to do without these days. You’ll be able, as well, to send SMS messages through Voipclub.

All the services may be used by signing up for an account, which you’ll be able to start using once you load credit on it. Calls between two computers are free, and calls to landline phones are charged at very low rates that you will find on the site. They don’t include all the countries yet, but the list is wide enough to make a good use of Voipclub.

Many features can be used that will solve different situations. Among them is the Callback service, which connects two people to talk but with each of them receiving an incoming call. This will allow them to save money in cases when they’ve travelled abroad and because of that won’t have their usual fees.

As well, you can get a virtual phone number so that contacts from everywhere around the world may call paying their own local fees. Incoming calls in this mode will be totally free for the user.

Forwarding calls can me set up too, by which the incoming calls can be forwarded every time to your mobile from your SIP, or whenever the party who is calling you gets no answer in the first rings.

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Outstanding quality, great prices and amazing flexibility.

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How do they face the big competition existing in this type of services? Voipclub.biz