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Vehibase.comThere are databases of just every nature online: movies, computer games, recipes… Some are more useful than others, but they are all equally interesting. Vehibase certainly is.

It is a database that gathers together information about all kinds of vehicles in a single, unified place. The project has just started, and the database already features almost 10,000 different vehicles. These include everything from cars and bikes to vessels, trains and helicopters. The way this new project is headed, every kind of contraption is bound to be included on the site at one point or the other.

The main navigation menu features a series of icons representing each category of vehicle that is featured, and all the top manufacturers are grouped under the menu that goes by the same name.

The most recent activity is highlighted on the main page, too. You will be able to see what pictures have been added since you last checked the site on the spot, and if you spot anything that seems interesting then you will be just one click away from knowing more about that particular vehicle. In Their Own Words

“The vehicle database.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is no other website which gathers information about all kinds of vehicles in a single place.

Some Questions About

Which further categories and sections will be added?