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The website for the United Automobile Insurance Company (UAIC) is found at On this site, you can become familiarized with the policies offered by the company, and know about the requirements for getting one. And if you are already a UAIC policy holder, then you can both pay your policy and renew it by logging in with your username and password, and picking the option that applies. is actually split in three main sections – “UAIC Policy Holders”, “UAIC Agents Log In” and “UPF – United Premium Finance”. The first is the one that was described above, in which current policy holders can make payments and renew their policies. The “UAIC Agents Log In” provides exactly what its name implies – a centralized spot for UAIC agents to manage their accounts. And that part of the site also tells you who to contact if you are interested in writing auto insurance for the company in your State of residence.


Finally, the “United Premium Finance” section lets those who have a finance contract with United Premium Finance pay it online.

The site is very easy to use. The interface is clean, and the layout makes a lot of sense. Agents and policy holders are asked to pick the State where they live at the beginning, and then they can access all the relevant information in one fell swoop.


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