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If you love to use Twitter but think that you may have Tweeted a bit too much or published not really wise texts, however brief, there is not much you can do except change you ways and try to look smarter. Until now, because a new tool called Twitwipe is around. At you can find all the details about how it works.

There is not much mystery about it. Tweets stayed forever there like a tattoo on your sking, but now you can do something about it. Enter and log in using your Twitter account. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail to execute the order of wiping out all your twits from your account. Don’t forget that once you do this process there is no turning back and you can’t undo the wipe out. But probably you will feel renewed after erasing the old and making place for the new.

The process takes some time, and the site suggests that you leave your machine working all night to complete it. But waiting will have the reward of leaving your Twitter account like new, as in the first day you created your account. So go ahead and give it a try.

You may think that deleting your present account and creating a new one after that may be the same and will save you from using a new tool which you don’t really know. Still, give at least a visit to Because remember that deleting your old account will also erase all your followers and followees, and make you start again a work which is already done. Really, the simplest way to start anew your Twitter account is using this new tool. In Their Own Words

TwitWipe deletes all your tweets in one go.

Some Questions About

What about devoloping a tool for choosing which tweets to delete?


Author : Charly Zaks

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