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Administered by Delta Central of California, TRICARE is a dental program for retirees. It was created by the United States Congress in 1998 to cater for the needs of Uniformed Services retirees, and (by extension) of their family members. And you can learn everything about this dental program by visiting


On this site, all the questions you could have concerning this program are sure to be answered. The information is clearly arranged in the following sections: “Current Enrollees”, “Prospective Enrollees”, “Dentists”, “Beneficiary Liaisons” and “Program News”. By looking at all these in order, you’ll get to realize everything. You’ll figure out who is eligible for this program, what kind of emergency services are provided and in which countries can a member get dental assistance.

The TRICARE network is made up of no less than 150,000 participating dentists, and one of the most remarkable features of the program is that overseas coverage is provided. Those who sign up for a TRICARE membership can get dental services in any country that they are having a vacation in, or just passing through.

And just to make things even better for you, includes an “Oral Health” section where you can read lots of tips and guidelines that will help you both prevent most oral problems, and ensure that any dental implant you get will last you for as long as intended.


Author : Caroline Bright

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