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TradingView.comTradingView is a site for aspiring traders and people who’ve been trading for years without having seen any significant successes. They all can join this site for free, and start figuring out in which direction the market is really going. features free online stock charts that are easy to analyze, and which are meant to let even the most inexperienced folks around know what is what in financial terms. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re completely new to it all or have been trading for years, this is a site that’ll let you start getting ahead at a steady rate.


And that’s all the more true when you keep in mind that the site lets you interact directly with other users, and exchange trading ideas around. You’ll get a unique chance to connect with people who’ve already seen their share of good investments, and learn how it’s done by taking a look at the concrete examples they give you.

And knowing who to talk to is hardly difficult, since the homepage lists all the most popular and better-ranked traders. You can even find someone to guide you when it comes to specific stocks in a couple of clicks. The site’s really that easy to use. In Their Own Words

Free online stock charts. Trading ideas and real-time data.

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Can this site be joined by people in countries other than the US?


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