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TastedMenu.comThe natural thing to do when we find a phenomenal restaurant in the least expected of places is to tell our friends about it. But there’s no need to phone, text or email them any longer now that a service like TastedMenu is here. This site has been built to let you tell everybody about these restaurants that you come across, and that impress you with the quality of the dishes that they serve. So, on this site you can review all these venues for others to quickly know which the best restaurants are. You can review them, and also rank their dishes one by one. The idea is to build a database of the best eateries in town, so that people who are looking for new restaurants to try will have their work cut out for them.

And a mobile app is also provided. It’s available for free at the App Store, and in addition to letting you read reviews as you would on the site it lets you find the tastiest dishes close to wherever you happen to be. Not to mention that sharing your culinary adventures is a lot easier and faster if you can do it from the palm of your hand.

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Find the best dishes. Share your dining adventures.

Some Questions About TastedMenu.com

Is this ever becoming a worldwide service? Or is it remaining US-only? TastedMenu.com