TapHunter.com – A Community For Beer Lovers

TapHunter.comTap Hunter is a new social resource that is aimed at those who can appreciate the virtues of the finest beer, and who are not satisfied drinking just any old brew. This site will let them find spots where a pint of their favorite craft beer can be had, no matter where they are actually located.

And the social element of the site is felt in the way in which users can interact among themselves, communicating with each other to the full and sharing both advice and recommendations. Discovering new craft beers to try out and places such as breweries, brew pubs and local hideouts in which to enjoy these is not only easy but also incredibly enjoyable.

And upcoming events can likewise be advertised on the site for all to keep in mind. Destinations the world over are covered.

As you can see, Tap Hunter gathers together enough information and resources to let beer enthusiasts do what they love doing like never before, regardless of where they are actually located. If you are one, make a point of checking the site out.

TapHunter.com In Their Own Words

“TapHunter.com is an online service providing the quickest and easiest path for beer aficionados to find their favorite craft beers. While streamlining the process of enjoying great craft beers and microbrews, TapHunter.com is also focused on building a community, inspiring beer enthusiasts and supporting craft brewers.”

Why TapHunter.com It Might Be A Killer

It will let you find what’s on tap at any location you happen to be stopping by.

Some Questions About TapHunter.com

What else can you find through the site? TapHunter.com