TalesOfThings.com – Letting Every Item Tell Its Story

TalesOfThings.comThere are few startups that make us think about the possibilities brought by the Internet of Things like this one. As you know, the concept of “the Internet of Things” alludes to the connections that are formed between physical objects and the Web by the fact of becoming tagged and being able to relay data.

Well, the Tales of Things website takes such a concept as far as it can be taken and it lets you add memories and stories to just any object of yours by using read/write QR codes.

That is, the company has developed a series of codes that let users preserve their memories by having them attached to the objects/places that mean something to them. The system works by having you photograph the object of place that is meant to be tagged, add the words that you want to be added and then print a QR code that will be generated specifically for that item or place.

Any object that is labelled like this can be tracked from that point onwards, and when the object is scanned at a later date it can tweet out its memories too. In this way, the site lets people interact with their surroundings in a different way, and make them become fully aware of the stories that might have taken place somewhere before they got there.

TalesOfThings.com In Their Own Words

“Wouldn’t it be great to link any object directly to a ‘video memory’ or an article of text describing its history or background? Tales of Things allows just that with a quick and easy way to link any media to any object via small printable tags known as QR codes. How about tagging a building, your old antique clock or perhaps that object you’re about to put on eBay?”

Why TalesOfThings.com It Might Be A Killer

In theory, it can let you connect just any item that you want to any kind of media whatsoever.

Some Questions About TalesOfThings.com

How popular can this really become? Will people start tagging items and places as actively as the service would need to gain traction? TalesOfThings.com