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StudioShare.orgStudio Share is a site that has been created for and by photographers. Its objective is enabling such professionals to collaborate in ways that are beneficial to everybody.

The website itself was created based on two simple facts: 1) Many photographers have a considerable amount of unused studio space, and 2) Many photographers are looking for studio space but the prices that are charged are seldom prices that they could afford. As you can imagine, the site brings both sides closer and lets those who have available space rent it to the ones who could put it to good use, at a price that is mutually convenient.

And there is more to the site than that, as it also makes it possible for photographers to share props and equipment of every type. And the best thing might be that professionals whose services are directly tied to the photographic industry can network and find new job opportunities through the site. That is a long list of professionals that includes makeup artists and stylists, along with set builders and related individuals. They will be able to network and connect in all the ways one associates with a resource like LinkedIn, only that in an entirely specialized setting. In Their Own Words

“Community-based photo rental.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings together every resource that a photographer could need in his professional life.

Some Questions About

Which fees have to be paid if you decide to use the site?