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Startcubes.comIf you are looking for a way to experience the Web strictly in your own terms, then a service like Startcubes could never leave you indifferent. Essentially, Startcubes will let you create a startpage in which only these sites and services that you want are included and reflected.

You can add your favorite search engine (or engines) to your startpage, a series of quicklinks to these web services that you use the most (such as Gmail or Hotmail), and create boxes with the latest news from these areas that interest you directly like technology, politics and businesses.

Plus, you can add a quick search button for pages like Wikipedia and the Internet Movie Database, and save even more time when you are looking for the kind of information featured on these sites.

If this sounds like the kind of service you could put to immediate use, then there is nothing stopping you. Certainly not the price – Startcubes can be used absolutely for free. You will be able to create a page with as many links as you want at no cost whatsoever. Just go and do. In Their Own Words

Create your personal startpage!

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those looking for a way to personalize the Internet will get what they are bargaining for here.

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Which languages are supported? Which will be supported next?