– Find A Job On The Web

If there’s one thing that the Internet simplifies a lot, then that’s undoubtedly looking for a new job. There’s just a heap of sites that let you do a basic search by skills and by geography, and see which positions are available right where you live. is one of these.

This website lets you find open positions all over the US, in a way that’s both fast and free. On you are provided with a map of the US that you can use to pinpoint your location. You’ll set down your location, and then you’ll get to find all the available jobs in that area by specifying the industry you are interested in.

The jobs will be displayed on the map for you to click on the ones that look more appealing, and – if all’s well, and you meet the requirements – you’ll be able to mail your resume right away.

And if you wish, it’s possible to have jobs filtered by further criteria such as how much they pay, and how many hours you’ll have to work every week. aims to be a site that’s friendly and easy-to-search above everything else, and I’m sure that’s the impression you will have if you give it a try. Remember – it can be used at just no cost.