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Shiply.comShiply is a platform that is available for our friends in Europe. It makes for sending packages all over the continent through shippers and transporters with some unused space on their vehicles that they want to profit from. These agree to undertake the job after submitting their own quotes for you to consider.

These are all insured shippers, and the idea is that connecting with them directly will let you reduce costs considerably. And the transporters themselves are also getting a great deal since they are maximizing any unused space that they might have in their vehicles, and get a little more money from their assignments. As the tagline of the site so aptly puts it, they are “going there anyway”.

To create a listing, you must specify what it is you want to ship, where it is that you are located (by submitting the name of town and its post code), and then the place you need it moved to. Your listing will then go live, and shippers will be able to get in touch with you. In Their Own Words

“Matches you with rated delivery firms ‘going there anyway’.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let transporters maximize their unused space, and people ship what they need to move much cheaper than by other means.

Some Questions About

Does anybody provide comparable services here in the US?