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What better way to surprise your guests than by cooking and serving some Scandinavian food? The novelty of it alone is sure to make the whole meal memorable. And you won’t even have to worry about how well you really can prepare the dishes as long as you use a site like this one. is where you can get genuine Scandinavian recipes, and interact with people who know just how to cook them. This is the site of a TV show named “New Scandinavian Cooking“, and its hosts are here to gently guide you through the world of Scandinavian cuisine. Each season is actually handled by a different chef and (so far) these have included Tina Nordstr√∂m, Andreas Viestad, Sara La Fountain and Claus Meyer.

The site lets you check all the recipes that are shared on the show online, and analyze how the pros prepare and serve them in close detail. The “Web TV and Video” is the link you should follow to get started. And the site’s database can be searched both by chef and by episode, too.

And has also got a section named “Visit Scandinavia“, for those among you who take a true liking to the country’s food and start thinking about knowing it in person.

Besides, you can get all the latest recipes on your inbox. Just sign up for New Scandinavian Cooking’s newsletter, and you’ll receive them straight in your inbox.